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This Cookie Policy contains the information on types and purpose of cookie files used. To get the full list of cookies used by our Website, please, contact us via email provided in the CONTACT INFORMATION section.

In case there is any divergence of interpretation, the Russian text will prevail.


By continuing to browse our Website, you consent to cookie files being stored on your computer to follow-up and analyse user behaviour. If you do not consent to our use of cookies, you should stop browsing our Website.


As you browse any webpage, it's downloaded to your computer along with text files called cookies. Cookies are text files with small pieces of data, often containing unique anonymous identifier sent to your browser by the website and stored on your computer's drive. For more details on cookies, please, follow the link


Website uses several types of cookie files:

1. Strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are necessary to make the website function properly. They enable users to navigate through the Website and use its features. This type of cookie files cannot be used to identify unique users. If a user doesn't want to use this type of cookie files, it could result in malperformance of the Website or its components.

2. Analytical or performance cookies. These cookies help to track user activity on the Website by providing the information on what site sections have been visited and how much time has been spent by the user on the Website. Besides, these files report performance problems, e.g., provide information on errors. This helps ensure better performance of the Website. Analysis cookies also help measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and optimize Website content. This type of cookie files cannot be used to identify unique users. All collected and analyzed data is anonymous.

3. Customization cookies. These cookie files' purpose is to identify returning visitors. They help to customize Website's content for users. If a user blocks this type of cookies, it could result in poor performance and functionality of a website and limited access to contents of the Website.

4. Advertising cookies. These files track a user's overall activity online, including what sites and pages are visited, links followed and ads viewed by the user. One of its purposes is to display content that will be of interest to a particular user. Another purpose is to help target potential customers based on the manner they browse the Internet.


You can turn off cookies, block certain websites from creating them or set up cookie notifications in your browser. Also, you can delete cookies from your computer drive any time. However, if you choose to block all cookies (including the strictly necessary ones), it will disable you from accessing our Website or some of its components, or cause Web pages to load incorrectly.


Currently, our Website uses the following third-party cookies:

1. Google Analytics. We use Google Analytics for analysis of Website data. For extra information on Google Analytics cookie files, please, turn to Google's Analytics Help and Privacy Policy. If you want to opt out, download the Google Analytics opt-out add-on from

2. Yandex Metrica. Our Website also uses Yandex Metrica for analysis of Website data. Turn to Yandex Metrica Help and Privacy Policy to obtain more information on Yandex Metrica cookie files. If you want to opt-out, download Yandex Metrica opt-out add-on from

Please, go to or to read more about the use of third-party cookies for targeted advertising and to find out how to opt out certain third-party ad options
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