From 2012 to 2018 we were creating the main Forum in Russia about the value of Human capital, Management, Motivation and Leadership. We found the world's best practices of a strong corporate culture and leaders who developed it. We changed the attitude towards people and their value in organizations.

«How much does employees' happiness affect business performance?» - ReForum WINNING THE HEARTS started with this question in 2013. We were looking for new practices, the best managers and created a state of «flow» at our live forums.

We learned to inspire our participants to change their outlook on work and studied the phenomenon of teal organizations. We made corporate culture the new business norm in Russia, and an individual - the most valued part of the company.
In 2020, we started shaping a new conversation about humans in the world of the future and their values through a series of online forums.

We continue to explore trends that suggest how human priorities will change in the future: what we will pay more or less attention to, what will completely disappear from the radar.

We study the main concerns of the modern person today: health, the future of work and work relationships, promising and so desperately needed ideas around which world capital and markets will be concentrated.

The mission of the new REFORUM WINNING THE HEARTS is to unite people, ideas and projects that lay the foundation for a healthy future.

participants at one site annually
CEOs of Russian and international companies as Speakers
267 speakers
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7 years
550 entrepreneur
The Future of Work
Online conference on global trends in the market of work and education
Human in the World of the Future. Part I
An international forum on business models, new economies, and innovations changing the world
SEPTEMBER 17, 2020
NOVEMBER 19, 2020

Social investor, philanthropist, senior partner of the «Atlanty» Business Community

Employee of the Future - what are they like?
What are the principles of the company of the Future?
These questions were discussed at the 6th People Management ReForum Winning The Hearts. «Evolution Q - from technology to people.»
Flexible skills that are already in demand now.
«For 120 years world society has tried to turn peasants and farmers into robots. The Industrial revolution was built on the idea of robotization, automatization, and human specialization. And now we're facing the opposite task- to focus on the Human, to reverse a century-long process of turning us into cogs and parts of the big machine, and turn us to being creative and thoughtful people who are doing what they're meant to do: create and change the world for the better.»

Ruben Vardanian

How does the cultural code affect business efficiency?
November 23, 2017, The 5th Anniversary ReForum Winning The Hearts took place at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO campus.

CEO of Qiwi, shared with the audience his expertise on how Western models of people management work in Russia

Sergey Solonin

CEO of SPLAT, shared his thoughts about the "delivering happiness" principle

Evgeny Demin

President of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, focused the attention on the concept of "lifelong learning" for those who want to catch up with the global progress and stay in demand as a professional at any age

Andrei Sharonov
The key theme of 2016:
Top management strategies. Passionate top management: Hire new or grow and develop?

Author of bestseller «Help Them Grow Up, or Watch Them Go»

Julie Giulioni

Serial entrepreneur and investor

Oscar Hartmann

CEO of Avon Russia

Elena Starkova
One of the most striking and quoted presentations was the speech of Ruben Vardanian, a Social investor and entrepreneur. He talked about trust as the basis of a company's strategy.
ReForum 2015: The Energy of Leadership
Internal leadership is the main driver of business development during a crisis. Leaders of successful companies that were launched into crisis or successfully overcame it are sure of this.
The question now is not only whether or not you are a good leader, but more importantly, how much of your business is imbued with the spirit of leadership?
These two days gave us a definite answer - «Yes». The experience of many companies has shown that the modern business puts first a dialogue with employees, building relationships on trust and respect, and helping understand the meaning and the value of each employee's input into the company.
After all, it is the energy of people that makes breakthroughs. Is Russian Management ready to entrust leadership to employees?
Is it possible to increase a company's profits by relying on people?
Is a leader able to increase the level of team involvement by building trustworthy relationships?
ReForum 2014: «Effectiveness of Corporate Culture in Russian Companies»

Head of Alfa Bank

Alexey Marey

Managing Partner at PwC

David Gray

Human Resources Director at Philips Cesari

Cesari Piskorz

Vice President of ABBYY

Aram Pakhchanian

Founder of the brand Expedition

Alexander Kravtsov

CEO of Dozhd TV channel

Natalia Sindeeva
November 7-8, 2013, on the stage of Barvikha Luxury Village Concert Hall we held the first conceptually new business conference in Russia.
People Management ReForum Winning The Hearts Russia 2013. «Happiness as a Business Model»
Jenn Lim, with her presentation "Employee Happiness as a Business Model. The Secret of Zappos.com's Success" lasting more than 1 hour, was followed by an endless series of questions from the audience, trying to get as much first-hand information about the legendary Zappos and its business successor, Delivering Happiness.

The next speaker Gor Nakhapetyan - former VP of "Sberbank" was unanimously recognized by the audience as one of the most influential speakers of the project. His speech "Business with meaning: how to build a company 'with soul' in the Russian environment" captivated the audience with a sparkling sense of humor and was repeatedly interrupted by applause and questions.

Speaking at the conference were also representatives of such companies as: Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, YOTA, YUM!, PERSONA, Universum Global, Empatika, Fabrika Okon, Head Hunter, BI TO BE Consulting Group, Kimberly-Clark, STRATA, RuGenerations, Bank of Moscow, Business Relations, Home Credit Bank, RBI.
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