Mai Amit

09.17 | The Future of Work
Design researcher at Designit, Minerva alamna. Mai’s career was shaped at Minerva, the university focusing on providing education to the top students in the world - the future leaders who will be able to run the world's most important institutions or establish new ones.

Mai is a global thinker, cyber safety analyst and social policy researcher at Taub Center, Israel. Mai has studied, worked and lived in six different countries.

Minerva is different from traditional schools. Here, students are not taught certain disciplines, they are taught to think. There are no exams and campuses, and in addition to different subjects, students study the ‘habits of mind’ — cognitive skills of the future. Each semester takes place in a new country. Thus, by the end of the program students will have lived and worked in seven countries.

Minerva doesn’t suit all students, and not every employer will be happy with its graduates. However, future companies will have more and more employees who believe in lifelong learning, teamwork and efficient problem-solving.

Minerva was established in 2012 by entrepreneur Ben Nelson, former owner of photo sharing & hosting service Snapfish sold to Hewlett Packard for $300mln.


  • Education in the future: tests- and exams-free
  • Flipped classroom: self-study for further group discussion
  • Education of tomorrow = a dream job. How does this work?